What Goes On

Name: Rachel

Date: 7-9-08

Cabin: 10

Clan: Deer

Camp is the best part of my summer! For me when I’m at home I don’t get to meet new people. At camp you get to see people have have met here from years past and then new people. This is my first 2 week and I’m having a blast. But it’s also hard at the same time because I’m really close to my family. My favorite classes are pottery and Adv. Arts and Crafts and Earth Art. I’m big into crafts so it’s great to come here and do everything that I love to do. And by the end of camp everyone knows my name but some people I don’t know but they know me. The olympics are almost over and out and they are so much fun! Next week I can’t believe that we go home. I hope that for other people they have as much fun as I do at camp.

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