The Days of Our Lives

Name: Andrea Y.
Date: July 27, 2006
Cabin: 12
Clan: Coyote

This year at Downer, being my third year, was the best one yet. Thinking back now through the four or five days we were together, there are so many great memories that will stick with me forever. The Arts & Crafts, staying up all night, swimming, and telling scary stories making us frightened for hours. Hanging out with the cabin rules! Late night talks and everything else that makes becoming new friends great! Cabin time is fun, but chillen with the clan is great. The treasure hunts are relay races-awesome. Even though we didn’t always win, and weren’t always the first ones to the treasure, these activities were great. Evening Activities were great J ! Before bed, Campfire songs were the perfect way to end those humid nights and friendship circle. On Thursday, the last night campfire is so depressing knowing that we have to leave the next morning. Everyone on staff makes this a great place to be, and I can’t wait for next year. Well… I only have two more things to say… Bologna Rules.

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