The C9 Blog

Name: Cabin 9
Date: 7/30/07
Cabin: 9
All clans

This amazingly wild and crazy blog is written by the Wacky Girls of C9 (Cabin 9 to those on the outside) C9 is pretty much the sweetest cabin ever! We like to eat fish, gold fish, that is! This cabin is soooooo much fun we can make lots of fun things happen. C9 rocks! I love it! Everyone should come to camp downer! Woot! Whats crackin Jeff? C9 is the coolest! We will have cabin of the day and we will have a partay!!! I love eating fish, goldfish that is! High socs rule! Cabin 9 rox my sox! This cabin could not be any cooler Haily and Jenna makes it even better we stay up all night and have so much fun. Hey whats up! Camp Downer is awsome and everyone should come to this camp during the summer because this place has style! Downer Wild is great, we pick berries to eat, learn about trees, and pick flowers! Hey, Camp Downer is so cool! Camp Downer rules! Each day we start with our count off: “C-9-is-the-greatest-because-of-Jenna-and Hayley.”

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