Skeeter The Skooter (To the tune of Smashmouth “All Star”)

Name: Elvy S.
Date: July 4, 2006
Cabin: 2
Clan: Bobcat

Somebody once told me Skeeter was a homee
They just weren’t right in the head
Somebody just smacked me
Really really wacked me
My face is turning green like Jed.
I say “yep, what’s the concept,
I feel like I just dated a prep.”
My head’s spinning how ’bout yours
My cousins internet date’s name’s Gourge.
I played fire orb-loaded up on korn!
Hey now, say your smerf-hurter
I confess, I’m a scruffy nerf-hurder
I don’t know what you hold against May
But its not like I’m a J-E-R-K!
Skeeter is a weirdo geeky fritzd
While I play with soaky snike snodders
I drive around in my street Rodder
At least I don’t play with Buffalo Fodder.
I may be a freak
Or even a geek
But most of all at least I don’t reak.

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