Singing for Food

Name: Cabin 13

Date: 7/3/08

In the Camp Downer forest I was born and raised

In Lakeside Village I spent most of my days

chillin out maxin relaxin all cool

on the stoop of 13 we are dancin’ fools

Some Hillside guys that we up to no good

Started making trouble in our neighborhood

We go in one little fight and Mitch got scared

Tomorrow Night your flashlights won’t be there

I whistled to night watch and when they came near

We asked for our flashlights, they said its Mitch you should fear

If I could say any, this cabin was rare

I thought to myself Wow I hope we have a spare

We got to camp and no one was late

I yelled to my parents go home smell ya later

Looked at my cabin I was finally there

To sit on our stoop as the queens of Lakeside’s Lair

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