Good Night sleep tight Don’t be loud so the counselors Bite

Name: Roselie-Fran P.
Date: June 30, 2006
Cabin: 12
Clan: Owl

Okay so the day tires you out out, lots of fun to the max. but to get set for the next day you should sleep early. I meen you gotta get up when the revely goes off. Well It’s camp and no one goes to bed early but I meen after your flashlight time is over go to bed, that’s the rule and it’s also not a hasle (if you do go to bed) for the counselers. Oh yes and to go with my title be quite while you have flashlight time or yes the counselers will (bite) not literly. Well that’s all about Night time and you’ll know when its night and morning when the reverly goes off. You’ll love the music.

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