First Day at Camp!! :)

Name: Danielle G.
Date: August 7, 2006
Cabin: 10
Clan: Eagle

Last night was really cold for me. I kept kick my covers and then my sleeping bag fell on the floor. I lived though. When we were awakened by taps, I finally realized how loud trumpets are. Poor Mom and Dad, they have to listen to that every day (I play trumpet!). We went to flag raising and then had rainbow pancakes for breakfast. Then we went for first period. I had cartooning, then it was off to Drama. Annie, Katie, Emma, Cassie, and Mickmack were there too. Then we had one hour freetime. I went to Arts and Crafts. We made collages. Pretty cool. Then we were sent back up to our cabins before lunch. Now it’s time for lunch! Bye!

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