Cabin 13

Name: Kayla T.
Date: August 1, 2006
Cabin: 13
Clan: Bobcat

We got Hannah, Audrey and me,
Some funny girls that make you wanna pee.
Hittin’ our heads on the top bunk,
All of us together a great slam dunk.
Marissa, Kelsey, Ruby, Addie, Alison, Kelsie, Kristina and Maddy.
Food, fun and so much more,
I’m really glad I don’t have to sleep on the floor.
Shay and Shanna all pretty in pink,
Yeah, we wash our hair in the sink.
Emily, Katie, Sophie, and Emma,
Nothing really rhymes with Emma but Bemma.
Of course you can’t forget Katie O,
So wake up, yawn, and pass the joe!

Camp Downer July 31- Aug. 4, 2006

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