Camp Downer is able to offer limited Scholarships to campers each summer based on financial need and availability of funding. Every scholarship program is made up of two parts: the receipt of funds from various sources to use towards awarding scholarships, and the awarding of those funds to campers in the form of scholarships. Please find more information below about both parts of the scholarship program.


Currently, funding for scholarships at Camp Downer come from a variety of sources: individual donations, profits from the sale of promotional items, and other sources.

This season, we have made it easier for individuals who are sending campers to camp to help offer scholarships. When you complete your online registration, you will be able to add a donation towards the scholarship account.

In addition, any individual who wishes to make a donation may also send that donation directly to the following address: Camp Downer, 70 S. Winooksi Ave. #196, Burlington, VT 05401 .

Anyone who makes a contribution via either manner will receive an acknowledgment letter, as the donation may be tax deductible.

Any funds received prior to April 14th of the current year will go towards funding scholarships for the current year. Any funds received on or after April 14th of the current year will go towards scholarships for the following year.


Any camper that is requesting a scholarship for a session at Camp Downer must complete an application, provide the required documentation and return the completed form and all required documentation by the date indicated. All properly completed forms must be received by April 13th, 2020 to be considered for an award.

Please note that not all campers that request a scholarship will be awarded a scholarship.

Scholarships will be awarded based on financial need and availability of funding. Households must fall into one of the two following Federal Poverty Guidelines to be considered for a scholarship:

Families that are at or below 133% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines will be considered for a full scholarship and/or a partial scholarship.

Families that are between 134% and 175% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines will be considered for a partial scholarship.

Any scholarship applications that are not complete, not signed, or those that are missing the required paperwork will not be considered for the awarding of a scholarship.

All applications for scholarships will be acknowledged with either a notice of the offering of a scholarship or the inability of offer a scholarship with a written letter to be mailed out after April 13th and by April 20th, 2020.


Could you please define a scholarship?
A full scholarship is the total registration fee to attend a one week session, for 2020, that amount is $460. A partial scholarship is one half of the total registration fee to attend a one week session, for 2020, that amount is $230.
How many scholarships are available to a family?
A family may be awarded up to the equivalent of one full scholarship per year.
Do I need to complete online registration prior to being awarded an scholarship?
Yes, you must have completed online registration, with the required deposit, in order to secure a spot for your camper(s) and be eligible for a scholarship. The awarding of a scholarship in no manner reserves a space for a camper for any session that is at capacity.
Can I return this form in an electronic manner?
No, as this application must be signed, and as other documentation must be included, only applications that are mailed will be considered.
If I’m not awarded a scholarship, am I able to receive my deposit back if my camper(s) is unable to attend for financial reasons?
In the event you applied for, but did not receive, a scholarship, you have no more than seven days from the date of your scholarship determination letter, or May 1st, whichever date is earlier, to contact us to cancel your registration and receive your deposit back.
If I’m awarded a scholarship, when will I receive a refund of the deposit I made?
All refunds of deposits paid for scholarship award winners will be made via check one week after the camper attends camp.
Can you tell us what the current Federal Poverty Guidelines are?
For 2020, please see the chart below with the Federal Poverty Guidelines, the 133% cut off amount and the 175% cut off amount.
In Family
2020 Federal
Poverty Guideline
133% 175%
1 $12,490 $16,612 $21,858
2 $16,910 $22,490 $29,593
3 $21,330 $28,369 $37,328
4 $25,750 $34,248 $45,063
5 $30,170 $40,126 $52,798
6 $34,590 $46,005 $60,533
7 $39,010 $51,883 $68,238
8 $43,430 $57,762 $76,003
Add for each
member above 8
$4,420 $5,879 $7,735
For a copy of the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION, click here!.
 Other organizations that may offer assistance:
  • County 4-H office
  • School guidance office
  • Local churches
  • Organizations such as the Elk, Moose, Owl, and Shriners
  • County Mental Health Agencies (ex: Howard Mental Health or Northwest Counseling and Support Services
  • Listen Community Services Camp Scholarship