Camp Downer FAQs

Q: I’ve done my online registration but now realize I need a different week or that I need to cancel, can I do it online?
A: No, you cannot make changes to your registration through the website. To make changes or cancel your registration please contact the Registrar at registrar@campdowner.com.

Q: My camper has food allergies, what’s the best way to inform camp?
A: The online health form has a food allergies section. This data will be shared with the food service staff. Please note that Camp Downer is NOT a nut free environment.

Q: My camper has special needs or I have a special concern, who should I discuss this with?
A: Please send an email to director@campdowner.com .

Q: I’d like to register my camper for a 2nd or 3rd session/week, can I do that?
A: Yes, you can. Just log in to your online account, choose your camper and register for the additional sessions/weeks.

Q: My camper is coming for 2 sessions/weeks, one right after the other. Can they just stay at camp in-between?
A: No, Camp is closed from Friday at 4pm until Sunday at 2pm. You must pick your camper up for the weekend.

Q: We’re excited about camp, when can we pick our activities?
A: Your camper will review and pick activities with their counselor the day they arrive at camp.

Q: Can my camper have electronics at camp?
A: No, Camp Downer does not allow campers to use any electronics with the exception of digital cameras at camp so please be sure they do not bring them.

Q: My camper has friends coming to camp, can they bunk together?
A: We offer the opportunity during online registration for you to request up to 2 cabinmates. If you’ve already completed a registration you can send an email to registrar@campdowner.com with your cabinmate requests. We make every effort to honor these requests but please understand that they are not guaranteed.

Q: Can I find out ahead of time who is in my camper’s cabin?
A: Cabins are assigned just prior to the start of each session. Your camper will find out at check-in which cabin they will
be in.

If you have any questions, please contact the Director

Camp Season (June 13th to August 20th, 2022):
Alanna Gaylord, Director
Camp Downer
1535 Downer Rd.
Sharon, VT 05065
Phone: 802-763-7007

Alanna Gaylord, Director
Camp Downer
70 S. Winooski Ave. #196
Burlington, VT 05401