Monthly Archives: July 2009

Downer Lover!

I totally love Camp Downer! Without Camp Downer the world would be funless! Everyone would die of boredom. I love my cabin this year and the peeps in it. Shout out to Dorie, you rule! I’m sure the french braids are going to look awesome. Shout out to my girls Rose, Sam, Aly, Lexi, Megan, Katie, Imke, Bailey, emma, Alyssa, and Lydia! I love you guys, Downer forever!

Mocha Waffles, Chicken, and Cheese

Name: Naomi W.

Date: 7/2/09

Cabin: 8

Clan: Deer

The three words, mocha waffles, chicken, and cheese, are my favorite words, and I always say them when I’m happy.  I probably said them over a thousand times this week.  Camp Downer is awesome!  Especially boating.  Boating was probably my favorite activity that I did this week.  You get to kayack and canoe all the time and sometimes we play frisbee on the water.  Come to Camp Downer and have the most fin you could ever have,  mocha waffles, chicken, and cheese!


Name: Lauren H.

Date: 6-28-09

Cabin: #9 (Lakeside)

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks Gallor!  I eat 3 meals a day but, we have x2 as manney snacks!  Store gives us food, so we eat all the time we eat when ever we are in the cabbion!