Monthly Archives: August 2008

Camp Downer

Name: Brooke Angell

Date: 8/15/08

Cabin: 12

I love Camp Downer, it’s so great

I’ve barely slept for five days straight

The pool is cold but I love it still

I love Camp Downer from the lake to the woods to the hill

I love the sun, the clouds, the rain

I love every minute of these Downer days

The cabins are cozy, warm and inviting

The campfire amazing and the skits are exciting

The girls in my cabin were friends from the start

And having to say goodbye is the hardest part

Today is the last day and I’m so very sad

But next year when I come back I’ll be really, really glad!

Camp Downer

Name: Lars

Date: 8/5/08

Camp Downer is the only place where rainy days are as common as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on tuna casserole day. It’s the only place where getting your hands on Chewy Sweet Tarts instead of Skittles is as unlikely as going into the Woodside bathrooms and finding an unclogged toilet to use. It is where debates are started about whether or not there are more people in the small, overcrowded cabins which reek with mildew, or bugs in the showers, sinks and urinals are reveille. It is where being full after a meal is as rare as finding a clean shower. It is a place where as many kids mask up their body odor and the smell of their clothes with deoderatnt and perfume as there are ghost in the forest. (Which the Eagles must have done something to the ghosts for they are always plagued with bad luck). It is where technology can only be found next to a chance to develop all of your photos in the regular photography class, or a song that is sung before friendship circle that doesn’t want to make you cry. Not to mention camp is run by a staff that would make more money sweeping the floors at McDonalds and by a Director who names his cars. But still this is the place I can call my second home. So “swish your bushy tail,” start a “mosh pot,” take a seat around the roaring campfire and be proud to be a Downer kid!!!!!!!!

My Cabin’s Staff and Friends

Name: Alexandra

Date: 7-31-08

Cabin: 10

Clan: Bobcat

I had a very fun 1st time with Gina the staff aid who is very col and Katherine the most awesomest councilor in the whole intire world!!!!! And of course all of my bunkmates. They were awesome!!!! I had such an amazing amazing time with Gina our staff aid witch she was absolutely awesome by the way. I love Camp Downer!


Name: Kristen

Cabin: 10

Clan: Wolf

I had such a great time this year in cabin 10. Gina is the coolest staff aide ever. I can totally connect with her.  She is soooo cool. She made the downer expirence a whole lot more fun. I know everyone else in my cabin can agree. I had a great time at Camp Downer. I also loved my counselor Katherine Bailey. She was a really great counselor.

Camp Rocks

Name: Tatum Main

Date: 7/31/08

Cabin: 10

Clan: Bear

I had so much fun at Camp Downer! My favorite counselor was Katherine Bailey and my favorite staff aid was Gina! Gina was so much fun and she was really helpful when I was homesick! Plus the girsl in my cabin were awesome. I’m totally going to cry when my mom picks me up. Water Aerobics was really fun because Gina made us dance a lot! Katherine has some awesome dance moves!

Chillin’ in the Grillage

Hotside’s where it’s at

We’re the hottest girls in camp

What ch’a think about that?

I love Gina!

She rocks!