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What Goes On

Name: Rachel

Date: 7-9-08

Cabin: 10

Clan: Deer

Camp is the best part of my summer! For me when I’m at home I don’t get to meet new people. At camp you get to see people have have met here from years past and then new people. This is my first 2 week and I’m having a blast. But it’s also hard at the same time because I’m really close to my family. My favorite classes are pottery and Adv. Arts and Crafts and Earth Art. I’m big into crafts so it’s great to come here and do everything that I love to do. And by the end of camp everyone knows my name but some people I don’t know but they know me. The olympics are almost over and out and they are so much fun! Next week I can’t believe that we go home. I hope that for other people they have as much fun as I do at camp.

Camp Downer Song

Name: Samantha

Date:July 8th, 2008

Cabin: 7

Clan: Owl

Camp Downer is so special

With all its songs and grace

It’s peaceful, quiet, and perfect

What a beautiful place.

We sing songs together,

There’s no place I’d rather be

It’s a dream of a lifetime,

I hope I can carry it with me.

I don’t want to leave Camp Downer

It’s like the heart beating in me.

I don’t want to go away

But I know I’ll be back someday

I’m sad I have to leave

And all my friends are dissapointed

I don’t know how to say goobye

I’ll miss all the things I’ve enjoyed.

To see the stars at night,

Makes me cry goodnight.

Wolves Attack

A short fiction by:

Name: Jacob

Date: 7/6/08

Cabin: 5

Clan: Coyootey

We were walking on the trail and 2 miles down we were serrounded by wolfs. We had no wepons or knives too protect our self. We had no chance of winning so we backed away slowly and once they were out of sight we ran all the way back to the cabin and some one said, “that was close!”

My first Day at Camp Downer

Name: Josef

Date: 7/6/08

Cabin: 5

Clan: Cadamount CA

When I first arrived here I was excited. When I found out that I was in a cabin with my friend Emmett, my cousin Cody, and my brother Jacob, it made me even more comfortable. We did some cool stuff at the begginning, middle, and end of the first day. I’m having such a good time already. I’ve made some new friends, too. I can’t wait untill the second day. I bet it’ll be really great.

First Week of Camp

Name: Cabin 10 Girls

Date: July 2

Cabin 10

Arts and Crafts was really fun. We made S’mores at ODL. Having a four-person fundamental Rec Class was great. Girls in our cabin are amazing. Playing Cops and Robbers was fun too. We think you should take volleyball class with “Pickles” the staff aide. The counselors are all really nice. The girls in Cabin 10 from 2008 are …. Camp Downer is the place to be!! WE LOVE CAMP. supercalafragilisticexpealidotious

Camp Downer

Name: Marina

Date: 7/2/08

Cabin: #9 Lakeside

Clan: Bobcat

Camp Downer is the best. I made so many friends and had a lot of fun. The food is good and the people are the best! They are so nice. Go Bobcat! I love cabin # 9! Camp Downer Rules.

Cabin 9 Rules

Name: Courtney

Date: 7/2/08

Cabin: 9

Clan: Owl

I stayed in Cabin 9 with Rachel and Val. There was also 9 campers. I think cabin 9 is the best cabin at Camp Downer. I had a great time at Camp Downer and I’ll never go to another camp. I hope I will become a councilor because kids should know what a wonderful camp this is.

Dancing Daze

Name: Fiona

Date: 7-2-08

Cabin: 9

Clan: Coyote

Here you can do all different classes including dancing. It is so fun! I love Camp Downer! The dance class is so fun! You get to make up a really cool dance. The teachers are awesome! Camp Downer rocks!

Hannah’s Blog

Name: Hannah

Date: July 2nd, 2008

Cabin: 9

Clan: Bear

Downer is the place to be! You can make new friends, eat great food, play fun activities, and do really fun stuff! The counselors are awesome, and EVERYTHING about Downer is just plain fun!!

I Love Camp

Name: Danarose

Date: July 2, 2008

Cabin: 9 Lakeside

Clan: Catamount

Camp Downer is so much fun

whether your chilling in the sun

or practicing with a gun

all the cabins are really fine

especially the cabin number 9

if you make new friends

your days will be a lot more exciting

and there will be a lot less fighting

you can chose what ever you want to do

like playing ball or riding a canoe

and i probley should mention in this blog

that very often the toilets clog

but over all camp downer is the best

you will make friendships that never rest