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The C9 Blog

Name: Cabin 9
Date: 7/30/07
Cabin: 9
All clans

This amazingly wild and crazy blog is written by the Wacky Girls of C9 (Cabin 9 to those on the outside) C9 is pretty much the sweetest cabin ever! We like to eat fish, gold fish, that is! This cabin is soooooo much fun we can make lots of fun things happen. C9 rocks! I love it! Everyone should come to camp downer! Woot! Whats crackin Jeff? C9 is the coolest! We will have cabin of the day and we will have a partay!!! I love eating fish, goldfish that is! High socs rule! Cabin 9 rox my sox! This cabin could not be any cooler Haily and Jenna makes it even better we stay up all night and have so much fun. Hey whats up! Camp Downer is awsome and everyone should come to this camp during the summer because this place has style! Downer Wild is great, we pick berries to eat, learn about trees, and pick flowers! Hey, Camp Downer is so cool! Camp Downer rules! Each day we start with our count off: “C-9-is-the-greatest-because-of-Jenna-and Hayley.”

Camp friends forever

Name: Mallory C.
Date: 7/19/07
Cabin: 12
Clan: Bobcat

Every year I come to camp, I come on my own I don’t usually make friends 2 quick but it happens eventually. And I have the best time! This year 2 seconds I felt like the people in my cabin were my best friends forever! Wonse it came to the two week were up I was sad but I took all of there addresses! That’s how close I got, I hope I see those wonderful camp friends again next year but mean while I’ll keap writing all threw the rest of the year into the next! Knowing I have great camp friends. I will never forget those friends at camp! Camp friends forever! Cabin 12

After this 2 week

Name: Emma W.
Date: 7/19/07
Cabin: 12
Clan: Catamount

Tomorrow we leave this cabin and these amazing people. After this two week I realize a connection we’ve made. You can’t get that in a one week. We’ve laughed hysterically and cried just as hard, but either way we’ve all been there for one another. I can’t imagine a whole school year without them. I’m ready to jump to next summer, next 2 week.

Always (two week)

Name: Lauren C.
Date: 7/19/07
Cabin: 12
Clan: Eagle

a first time, of two weeks gone from home.
a first time for living with these people,
now like sisters.
together we’ve ran
cried and laughed.
we cleared for our clans,
and danced in the rain.
through Arts and Crafts,
and EAC,
we become closer,
friends with no end.
The one’s who I think of,
during cold winter nights,
the ones who when I see them again,
way next summer.
only then will I feel right.

Camp Downer Rools

Name: Paige Brigham
Date: 6/27/07
Cabin: 8
Clan: Bobcat

Camp Downer Rools

At Singing Class I have a favroit song It called Linger Pluse Cats In The Cradle At Night It Is Awsome When We Sing Songs Together Its so relaxing I Love EveryThing About Camp The Counselors Rool
A Poam By Paige
The Cabens Rool Even
The Consaler are cool
Boy Do I Love That New Pool
Downer Rools

I Love Camp Downer

Name: Kaylee R.
Date: 6/28/07
Cabin: 8
Clan: Bear

Down right awesome!
Out of the park!
Not bad!
Everyone LOVES it
R ight smack in the middle of the downer State Forest!