First full day @ Camp Downer

Name: Annie H.
Date: 8/7/06
Cabin: 10
Clan: Dear

Today at about 7:30 or so reveley and then at about 7:50 we were called down for breakfast. After breakfast we went back to our cabins and cleaned up, got dressed and got ready for today. My first class was broadcast news wich was really fun, my cousin Katie and I are doing the rumors and we found a few good ones. My second class was drama and that was really fun. We started to brainstorm for our Friday’s perfomance. At choice time some friends and myself dressed up in costumes and walked around camp. After lunch was rest hour and we just sat in our cabin and talked. It was so fun! Third period I had recreation and we played kickball and twizzle- that was one of my favorite classes of the day! And last I had Arts and crafts wich we made flexable flowers. Overall today was a great first day at camp!

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