COVID-19 Camp Update

Dear Camp Downer campers and family, 


As you can imagine, Camp Downer’s Board of Trustees has been agonizing over a decision regarding how to safely hold camp this summer. Regretfully, and for the first time in Camp Downer’s 75 year history, the Board has made the unanimous decision to not open for the 2020 season. We sought counsel from the Vermont Department of Health, the American Camping Association and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Ultimately, what drove the decision-making process was the health and safety of our campers, our staff and families. This heart-wrenching decision, is the right one. 


At Camp Downer, we emphasize the phrase, “Do what’s right” with our campers and staff. We tell them that doing what’s right may not be always be easy but essential to keeping everyone physically and emotionally safe. We need to ‘do what’s right’ this summer to keep our treasured campers, staff, and their family members safe. Although we have continued to plan, prepare and hope for the best, there are too many risks, both known and unknown, to be able to run camp safely this summer. Ultimately, COVID-19 is not something that we can manage safely in the confines of our camp. 


We are deeply grateful for everyone who is a part of the Downer family including our staff, alumni and most importantly our campers. This is an incredibly difficult time but we are certain the power of the “Downer Spirit” will prevail. We know the bonds that tie us together for the love of Downer will keep our camp community connected and supported.


As we stated in our previous communication with you, since the Board has cancelled camp, you will have two options in regards to your registered campers:  you can transfer your registered 2020 session to the same session in 2021 or you can request a full refund.  In the next couple of weeks, the registrar will follow up with every camper for every session to properly document your decision.


Until we can all be together again, please know that you are in our hearts and our thoughts. Stay safe, stay positive and stay connected.




John Keshavan

Chair, Board of Trustees


Emily Myers

Director, Camp Downer