Calendar / Rates



2021 Rates: $530 One Week Session and $1110 For The Two Week Session

The registration fee includes up to two items per day for camper store, items do not accumulate. For a one week session, each camper will have five days of camper store, for the two week session, each camper will have ten days of camper store.


Each one week session :

Starts on Sunday afternoon and ends the following Friday. The ages of the campers for these sessions range from 8 to 16 years old.

The two-week session :

Starts on a Sunday, continues through the following weekend and ends on the second Friday. It is geared towards older campers with ages ranging from 11 to 16. The two-week session is noted for additional programs not available during the one-week sessions including the Leadership Development Program (LDP) and the Downer Olympics during the stay-over weekend. Standard programs are enhanced to provide a more in-depth learning experience.

Drop Off:
During the first day of the session, it is between 2-4 pm. All campers should arrive during this time to check in and finalize paperwork, take the swimming test, get their cabin assignment, find a bunk and then get started on the fun.

Pick Up:
During the last day of the session, it is between 2-4 pm. All campers need to go through the check out process prior to leaving camp grounds.