Camp Downer Policies

Camp Nut Policy:

Camp Downer is NOT a nut free camp. This policy includes both peanuts and tree nuts.

Camper Controlled Substance Policy:

At Camp Downer, the use or possession of any alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or other controlled substances are prohibited at all times during the camp season. Prescription medication and health care provider approved over the counter medication may only be kept in the nurse’s cabin and may only be dispensed by a member of the health care staff, unless previously approved by a member of the health care staff. If you have any questions about an item that may be an over the counter drug, please consult with the health care provider during check in. Campers in violation of this policy will be sent home immediately without a refund.

Camper Electronic Device Policy:

At Camp Downer, camper use or possession of any electronic device, with the exception of stand alone digital cameras, is prohibited at all times. This includes, and is not limited to, devices such as CELL PHONES, MP3 players, handheld gaming devices, walkie-talkies, computers, pagers, etc. Any dual use electronic device, such as a phone that can also take pictures, will be considered a prohibited electronic device. Prohibited electronic devices will be removed from the camper’s possession and held for return at checkout.

Camper Refund Policy:

A deposit, as listed on the registration form, is due at the time of registration. Prior to May 1st, this deposit is refundable for any reason. After May 1st, once the camper has been confirmed in their requested session, the deposit fee is non-refundable for any reason. After May 1st, registration deposits may be transferred to another session (if available) or another camping season only with advanced notice and the written approval of the registrar.

The balance of the registration fee will be refunded, when requested, when a cancellation is made at least 7 days prior to the start of the session the camper is to attend, for any reason. Once the 7 day advance notice period has passed, refunds of the balance of registration fees will only be made due to a documented instance of that camper’s sickness/injury or a sickness/death in the camper’s family or in the event the entire camp is closed. Official documents must be presented, either in person, mail or via fax, to the camp director along with the refund request prior to the start of the camper’s registered session.

After the check in process is complete, if the camper leaves camp for any reason other than that camper’s sickness/injury or sickness/death in the camper’s family, or in the event the entire camp is closed, there is no refund of any part of the registration fee. For example, no refunds will be given, in whole or in part, due to any voluntary withdrawal, or involuntary withdrawal due to violation of camp policies or inappropriate behavior.

Prorated refunds will be considered for camper’s sickness/injury or sickness/death in the camper’s family, or in the event the entire camp is closed only. The prorated schedule will be as follows: total registration fee, minus non-refundable deposit, minus twenty percent of the balance per day for a maximum of four days. The day of check in is day one.

Immunization Policy:

In order to attend camp, all campers must either provide:

A) a printed report of immunizations from their health care provider


B) complete the Camp Downer Immunization Form (Attachment E) from the Camp Downer Health Form


C) complete and attach to the Camp Downer Health Form the Vermont Department of Health Medical or Religious Exemption Form EVERY YEAR. Camp Downer will no longer accept Philosophical Exemptions.

Attachment E can be found as part of the heath form found here:

Camp Downer Health Form

Visit the State of Vermont Department of Health website for their Religious Exemption form:

If you have any questions in regards to any of these policies, please contact the director.

Camp Season (June 17th to August 17th, 2019):
Emily Myers, Director
Camp Downer
1535 Downer Rd.
Sharon, VT 05065
Phone: 802-763-7007
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Emily Myers, Director
Camp Downer
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